Svart Katt is an annual transmigration where you on a bicycle visit the darkest places of Gothenburg, Sweden.
A journey that this year deals with hatred, betrayal and malicious death.
Svart Katt celebrates darkness and herewith wish that you line up as a creature of the night.
Svart Katt 2009
Svart Katt 2010
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We would like to thank everyboxy who participated, visited or in any way made Svart Katt 2010 to an absolutely amazing evening!

This year 54 brave riders rode for glory and honor by riding approx. 14 miles in a pentagram shaped course. The riders were split in 2 manifests and therefore rode with a lot of people they didn't know before - in the darkest of Gothenburg nights - to abandoned water stations, obscure woodlands, old churches and dark forests. On a journeywith hatred, betrayal and malicious death.


top 10

  1. Erik Nohlin
  2. Anton Johansson
  3. Pierre Stjernman
  4. Olof Åström
  5. Zappa
  6. Daniel Dreij
  7. Michael Koucky
  8. Anders Nordberg
  9. Mikael Stenberg
  10. Peter Bäckgren

DFL: Hördur Fulysk
Outfit: Anton



Dodici Milano
Nudie Jeans
Fixie Inc.
Swedun Distribution
Atlantic Film
Hold Fast
Vartex Varberg


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The Start

Meet up: 21.00

Address: The Parking lot at Magasinsgatan 17 (se karta nedan)

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Cost WITH outfit*: 50 Sek

Cost WITHOUT outfit*: 100:-

Registrations: All registrations are done on location -until 21.30

Participant limit: Last year we had 66 attendants . This years the limit is 100.



- Dresscode: BLACK! No other color is accepted. Of course, logotypes, reflexes and other colored details are accepted.

- With *outfit we mean masks, corpsepaint, facial paint, skimask/balaklava or other disguise that covers your face and head. Be creative! View last years film for inspiration and/or guidelines if you feel uncertain.

- All riding in at one own's risk. We also urge you to keep yourself inside the long arm of the law in every aspect and use common sense.

- We will ride in all kids of places from dark passages and ambiguous forests to roads where you will meet cars and other traffic users. Observe at all times and ride with deference.

- NEVER hesitate to give a helping hand to ANY Svart Katt attendant if needed.



We will be situated solely in darkness where some places are limited to extremely poor visibility. Therefore we recommend you to prepare yourself with the following:

- A mobile phone with fully charged battery. There will be a phone number to call if anything urgent happens this year.

- It's as important to see as to be seen. In addition to regular bike lights we STRONGLY recommend you to use a head/helmet lamp (alternatively bring a flash light). You WILL wade in darkness.

- Repair tools are good if a flat tire happens.

- Helmets are still the best way to not end up in a hospital with a broken brain.

- Use warm clothes. And black.



As always there are plenty of nice prices! In addition to the people who rides best there are prices for best ekipage, best mask/corpsepaint etc. And of course DFL (Dead Fucking Last). The prices mainly come from our beloved sponsors you very much make this event happen - you find them further down the page and make sure to check them out!


Finish / Ceremony

We will get together on a secret location for the finish, awards and of course continued festivities. If you have friends who wish to se the finish and also attend the festivities after the end of darkness we suggest that they stay after the start i cleared where we will hand out "some" information about the finish and so on...


svart katt 2009 movie