About Svart Katt

Svart Katt is a annual journey where you - by bike - visit the darkest places of Gotheburg. At night. In this fourth edition, death marches west. And you with it. As alway –  Svart Katt celebrates the northern darkness and hereby wish that you once again join in as the children of the night.


Apslätten in Kålltorp, ca 5 min. w/ bike from Liseberg. Follow Delsjövägen turn in on Virginsgatan (sign: Skatås). Follow the street to the end and take right. The start is a little bit into the park.
70 SEK / 8.5€
80 participants
Skjul Fyra Sex from 21.30


Dresscode: BLACK! No other color is allowed. Of course logotypes, reclexes or other colored detailes are acceptet.

Outfit: With *outfit we mean masks, corpsepaint, facial paint, balaklava or other mask that hides or twits you appearance. Use your fantasy. View the videos from the prior Svart Katt for inspiration.

Note: All participation is at your own risk! We urge you to alway keep yourself within the long arm of the law and use common sense.

Darkness: We will ride everything from dark passages and dark forest parts to roads where you will meet cars and other passengers. Stay observant att all time and ride with acuity and show respect to others.


We will be situated primarely in darkness and some places will be limited to very hard sights. We therefore recoomend to prepare the following things:

Dress warm. And black.

Equpiment for flat tires are really good when shit happens.
A helmet is still the best way not to end up in a hospital with a broken brain.

Mobile phone with full battery.

It's as important to see as to be seen. Except for regular bike lights we STRONGLY recommend to use head/helmet lamp. You WILL evade in darkness!


  1. Jonathan Moy de Vitry Geneva (CH)
  2. Alexander AnderssonGöteborg
  3. Marcus Rönnemark Göteborg
  4. Rickard Larsson Älvsjö
  5. Moa Deshayes Göteborg
  6. Per Långström Göteborg
  7. Carl Dyborn LUND
  8. Anders Ölund göteborg
  9. Patch Hofweber Pista MalmØ
  10. Daniel Adler Göteborg
  11. Johan Flink göteborg
  12. Fadric Grebbestad
  13. Bojana Lukac MalmØ
  14. Peter Bäckgren Göteborg
  15. Linus Amvall göteborg
  16. Glenn Johansson göteborg
  17. Dunder Vänersborg
  18. Andreas Fernhede Dagman Stockholm
  19. Ola Ingvarsson Göteborg
  20. Rednexela Tnilkreda Göteborg
  21. Håkan Engström göteborg
  22. Steffen Brückner Mannheim, Germany
  23. Sebastian Johansson göteborg
  24. Malin Algotsson Göteborg
  25. Josefin Holgersson Göteborg
  26. Ola Tengstrand göteborg
  27. Andreas Heige Göteborg
  28. Kristian Linde Mölnlycke
  29. Bob Bergtroll Göteborg
  30. Sonne Andersson Göteborg
  31. Susanna Olsson Göteborg
  32. Simon Mattisson Göteborg
  33. Johan Todeswunch Göteborg
  34. Mateusz Pozar Göteborg
  35. Viktor Ahlqvist Göteborg
  36. Anton Warrior Göteborg
  37. Pierre Stjernman göteborg
  38. David Ost Göteborg
  39. Johan Pedersen Göteborg
  40. Michael Hemmingsson Göteborg
  41. Olle Nyman göteborg
  42. Johan Hector Göteborg (KCR)
  43. Jim Persson-Melin göteborg
  44. Hampus Lideborg Göteborg
  45. Bratt Stockholm
  46. Sara Henriksson Göteborg
  47. Zenobia Cobon Göteborg
  48. Julle MalmØ
  49. Tropfrog* Göteborg
  50. Lisa Bengtsson Göteborg
  51. Maria Del Mal Göteborg
  52. Nina Göteborg
  53. Fredrik Posse Örebro
  54. Magnus Staehelin** Göteborg
  55. Fredrik Axelsson Årsta
  56. Simon Gate** Malmö
  57. Jakob Majorna
  58. Lisa Göteborg
  59. Ola Hermansson Göteborg
  60. Kalle Bapberg Göteborg
  61. Lång-Anders Göteborg
  62. Alexander Tengner Göteborg
  63. Bartek Göteborg
  64. Anders Folkesson Göteborg
  65. Hanna Lund
  66. XviggenX Lund
  67. Rune Finseth Copenhagen, DK
  68. Maggan Montreux Göteborg
  69. John Åkerström Göteborg
  70. Fredrik Andreasson* Göteborg
  71. Kidz-Jonatan* -
  72. Kidz-Andreas* -
  73. Daniel Christensen -
  74. Olle Widell Hisingen
  75. Cat Malmö
  76. TOOB Malmö
  77. Otto Rosenlund Göteborg
  78. David Mandujano* Mexico
  79. Anton Kerschbaumer Stockholm


Filmer och foto från föregående lopp

"The documentary storytelling are getting more and more important in a time where communication is more and more slick and sometimes impersonal. Today is process and expectation as important as the final result so why not lift that as a part of your operations communication."

foto från Svart Katt 2011